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Formatt Hitech GND Soft (mềm)/ Hard (cứng) & Reverse

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Formatt Hitech Resin GND Soft/ Hard & Reverse


Graduated filters transition across the filter toward the center, and although there is a horizon line, it is subtle. This allows for horizon transitions to be more easily hidden in a scene, especially with an undulating horizon line such as mountains, buildings or trees. Graduated filters have an effect that occurs on one area of the filter and transitions to clear on other areas of the filter. Typically graduated filters are used to enhance the sky or terrain, or balance the luminosity of the sky to the luminosity of the terrain. For hard and soft grad filters, colors are often deployed (such as sunset or twilight) to enhance the color of the sky.

Roughly speaking soft edge grad filters are for wide angle lenses and hard edge filters are for longer lenses. This gives the most visually attractive effect transition at the horizon line. The Soft Edge grad is the ideal tool for balancing bright sky to a dark terrain where the horizon is uneven. Soft Edge grads are an essential tool for both fine art photographers and professional cinematographers alike.


  • Manufactured in the UK to scientific standards using the highest grade of optical resin or Schott Superwite glass.
  • Chamfered corners to minimize breakage and maximize the lifespan of the product.
  • Generally, use soft grads for wide lenses and hard grads for long lenses.
  • Grads are available in a variety of densities from 1-4 stops and a variety of colors for special effects.

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