Giấy Lau Lens khô Altura (50 tờ)

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– Booklet of 50 sheets. This cleaning tissue is a premium, lightweight, disposable lintless tissue.
– Perfect for cleaning the surfaces of camera and camcorder lenses, telescopes, magnifying glasses, microscopes or other optical equipment.
– It is static-free, and contains no abrasives or silicones.
– This portable tissue will provide you with an outstanding effectiveness in removing fingerprints and stains on lenses.
– Lens Tissue is packaged in a handy 6 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ booklet, containing 50 sheets. Perfect for your camera bag.
– Specially formulated to clean smudges without creating nicks or leaving debris that can obscure the shot.
– To achieve the most thorough cleaning, use lens paper in combination with a liquid lens cleaning solution. First use a dry lens tissue to sweep away larger particles of dust or debris, which could potentially scratch the lens if rubbed. Gather several sheets of tissue in a wad, then apply a few drops of cleaning solution and rub the surface of the lens in a gentle circular motion. Last, buff the lens with a dry tissue to avoid streaks until the lens is clear.
– Cleaning tissue only. Lens and filter not included.

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