BBSBOMBO – Express Your Cretivitty

Bombo filter’s holder is the largest company base in Vietnam manufacture all kind of camera lens filter’s holder and filters. Researching habitations of professional photographers in the world and Vietnam, the specific requirements, the use of complex situations and the rigorous specifications to create these products optimal mechanical strength, operating characteristics, fast operation and reasonable price suitable for all professional photographers and amateurs.


Filter holder system provides diverse Bombo, Bombo holder including system size 85mm, 100mm, 150mm and 165mm used for most types of filters in the world, with many sizes and different thicknesses, wall like with filter systems worldwide reputation as: Schneider, Singhray, Formatt-Hitech, Lee, Cokin, Bombo …


Bombo optical filter manufacturing high quality, use filters of the leading glass manufacturers such as Schott (Germany) coated with multilayer antireflection Nano, refraction, scratch-resistant and adhesive … water quality excellent effect. CLARITY Nano HD-IR GND, Reverse, ND (B270 Schott Opitcs).