P100 – New Bombo Filter Pouch 100mm

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P100 – New Bombo Filter Pouch 100mm

The  P100 – New Bombo Filter Pouch 100mm uses an accordion design to accommodate 8 filters while remaining compact in horizontal direction, easier for taking out filters . A belt loop, over-the-shoulder strap  help to ensure that your compatible are conveniently accessible. An internal folder system includes color-tipped dividers that quickly identify specific filters. The pouch is constructed using a tough, durable cotton canvas for the exterior, and polyester for the interior.

Filters Pouch size 100mm
Chứa 8 filter size 100mm / 85mm bao gồm 100x100mm/ 100x125mm/ 100x150mm
Chứa 1 holder size 85mm/100mm

Soft-Lined Interior


Cấu tạo:

Water proof/ hard plate inside

Tiện ích:

Đeo trên cổ, trên thắt lưng hoặc buộc trên tripod
One hand easy access

Additional information

Filter size



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